"I live at Driftwood Village Cohousing and worked with Kathy who was an amazing Project Manager getting us through many challenges as we built our new homes and community. All of the 27 families who live here are so grateful for her service to us!"

Patrice Pratt,

Community Activist


Kathy supports addressing the City's emission targets and will support the work of the Climate and Environment task force. Kathy will work to view all issues through a climate lens.


With her experience creating two housing projects with affordability components, Kathy is inspired to work creatively with council and other levels of government toward housing options that remain accessible to all ages of residents.


Looking for ways to relieve traffic congestion, Kathy is excited about the continuing collaborative North Shore Connects process with the other North Shore municipalities and First Nations.

Kathy will advocate for the coming rapid transit line to the North Shore and as an avid cyclist, will support bike paths in the City for all "rolling" modes, improving pedestrian sidewalks, and improving transportation choices for all ages.


With such close neighbours from the Squamish Nation, Kathy is very committed to Reconciliation and would be thrilled to work hard toward greater connections between the Squamish Nation and the City.


Kathy feels fortunate to live so close to the natural wonder of North Vancouver’s superb parks, streams and trails and would be a advocate for maintaining our green and wild spaces and increasing parks. Kathy is a big supporter of North Van community gardens and the Loutet urban farm.


We are fortunate in North Van to have a lot of local businesses in close proximity. I will work to learn about their needs and how to support them further.


As a former childcare provider, Kathy will support expanded and affordable childcare spaces.

"Kathy will bring the high level of energy, commitment and integrity to City Hall that she brings to our cohousing community".

Carol McQuarrie,

Community Activist

Kathy stands with Carol McQuarrie in front of Quayside Village