Experience, Values, Vision


As a successful business owner, project manager, university instructor and community volunteer, Kathy has the kinds of skills our community needs on Council. Looking for a way to start a family and to stay in North Vancouver, Kathy led in the creation of a successful cohousing project (Quayside Village at 5th and Chesterfield), where she continues to live and be involved in its administration. She recently completed her role as a project manager with Driftwood Village Cohousing at 21st and Chesterfield, where she worked with the owner group and consultants to realize a second collaborative community building in North Van. She has built two successful businesses and, as a principal with Source Facilitation Collective, she passed on her skills and experience, teaching an "Aging Well in Community" course for seniors, numerous times at SFU. A passionate single parent, she facilitated the North Shore Women's Centre single mothers support group for many years and ran the office for a local midwife, facilitating post-partum groups for new parents. All the while she has found the time to give back to her community as a volunteer with the North Shore Girls Soccer League, treasurer of her daughter’s school Parent Advisory Council, and a variety of other volunteer groups. She has the energy and experience North Vancouver needs.


Kathy is clear about her values of collaboration, inclusion and optimism, and she lives them every day. As a certified group facilitator, Kathy is hired regularly to guide groups to reach collaborative outcomes. She knows that strong communities and good decisions depend upon making sure that everybody's voice is heard and included. She is convinced that together, we can achieve what we set out to do. More than ever, as North Vancouver faces important decisions about how to move forward as a community, we need these skills and values at our Council table.


Born and raised in North Vancouver Kathy has stayed here because of the kind of inclusive and supporting community it is. But she also knows the challenges we face: emergencies in both climate and affordability; how to confront the social isolation that affects so many seniors especially prevalent during the pandemic; how to continue to support local business; how to improve local rapid transit and ridership; and how to ensure that people have the housing options they need to stay here. Kathy knows all too well how important these issues are and she is dedicated to ensuring North Vancouver meets the challenges they pose.

"Kathy has a rare gift for collaboration - she balances her own inspiration and energy with an ability to listen deeply and understand the goals and ideas of her partners. Whether taking the lead, giving support or functioning as a peer, Kathy is a joy to work with."

Daniel Lindenberger,

Source Facilitation Collective

"I've long been deeply impressed by Kathy's commitment to a caring community. These values will make her the kind of councillor the City of North Vancouver needs. I'm proud to support her campaign."

Vera Berard,