Kate Redwine, known as Kate By Faith, is a Transformational Leader, Author, and Speaker. She has an MPA, BBA and is a successful Business Management Consultant and former Management leader with over eight years of combined progressively responsible experience working in the private sector for two Fortune 500 banks (7+ years) and for the public sector in state government working in government analysis and contract management.

She had led award-winning teams in the corporate world and has received numerous accolades and awards for her exceptional work and service throughout the years.

She is a mother, and woman after God's own heart, who makes her way prosperous and has good success according to Joshua 1:8 by seeking God's wisdom and guidance in His Word.

She is an Advocate for women who have suffered from domestic violence, child molestation, verbal, mental & emotional abuse.

She also loves traveling, enjoying her dog Nalah, being a Book Worm, Hiker and a Lover of Life. She has a new book, "If God Be For Me...Powerful Testimonies to Stir the Christian Soul."


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