Why Profesional Video

Do you really need a video?

There is absolutely no better way to preserve the memories of your event. We don't merely point a camera and document your day. We carefully construct the story of your special day. While you're enjoying the day, we're recording your emotions and seeing things you won't even notice. This creates a living, lasting album that will provide memories and entertainment for generations. Combine this with the sound that video simultaneously records with the pictures, and you've got a living tribute to the event that you worked so hard to put together.

A good camera, in and of itself, does not make a good video, nor does a good computer guarantee a great editor. It takes more to create a video that will stir the emotions. Beautiful videos are born of years of experience, and there is no substitute for experience. They are shaped by ongoing education and an uncompromised commitment to excellence. That is the formula. That is why we are here.

Whether your budget is large or small; whether your wishes are for something simple yet elegant, or filled with all the latest and greatest in digital editing, you'll find it here. Our services permit you to customize your own video package, paying only for what you need.


1. To hear the vows again

2. To remember all the little things you did that you'd forget

3. To hear your parents and grandparents comments

4. To see your childrens' reactions one day

5. To relive family members later that may no longer be with us

6. To have a record proving he/she did indeed say those things :-)

7. To show the family and friends who couldn't be there

8. To have an excuse to invite everybody over later

9. To show Dad/Mom what they got for their money

10. To own an heirloom that no money could replace