About Us

Who is Katana Productions?

Working in the field of video production, we often get asked to do video productions for family and friends. With a background in news and film, from members of our team, this was always a welcomed and easy request. As our family and friends shared their videos and graphic work with friends and co-workers we began to get many video requests. This sparked the creation of Katana Productions. Our business mainly comes from referrals and people who have seen our work. Our combination of skills along with great service makes our company unmatched in this industry. Our clients are like family and that is how we started our business. When you are looking for great professional work with a family style service; You are looking for Katana Productions. A business with strong Christian morals. With that, this will help answer the question of how we came up with our company name. Katana is a Japanese word for a type of sword. The Katana is a well-crafted piece of artwork created with great workmanship and skill. It also means “wealthy in spirit”. While we are a company that seeks to make a living and profit off our work, we believe that the relationships we build with our clients are just as important.