USA Seishin Association of Kyokushin Karate

Stratford, CT

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Our Karate and Ninja Kids Karate program is designed to introduce both young children and beginner adults to the fundamentals of Karate, as well as provide continuing development for advanced students. For over 40 years, our program has been helping students grow physically, emotionally, intellectually, and philosophically. Karate has great benefits for students of all ages and physical abilities.

What to expect

This challenging program, rooted in traditional Japanese Karate called Kyokushin, will help you develop a sustaining Martial Art attitude, mental focus, inner strength, and respect. Etiquette, gestures, and philosophy are emphasized in every class, at each age and level. Classes are taught in a supportive environment that places a high level of expectation on each student. In addition to rigorous training, there is a strong focus on the teachings of Martial Arts philosophy. This is presented in a way that both very young beginners, as well as adult students, can understand. Parents are encouraged to watch or even join classes to learn along side their children, and should remember that young students learn primarily by example.

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