Membership Levels

Regular Member:

Any government employee, who is a current member of I.A.A.O. in good standing.

Associate Member:

Anyone who is employed by a government agency but is not a member of the IAAO. Associate membership also includes employees of other government agencies that are not involved with property tax administration.

Subscribing Member:

Corporate or non-governmental employee who, as representatives of private industry, subscribe to the purpose of the Chapter and wish to become affiliated with it.

Membership Benefits

When you become one of our members, you will enjoy many great benefits including…

Informative Bi-monthly meetings covering relevant, interesting, and informative topics. Meet other people in your profession who share your professional interests and concerns. Expand your circle of professional contacts. Following a relaxing luncheon or dinner, the meetings are highlighted by presentations from entertainers or industry professionals.

An annual conference held in the spring of each year which has an activities format designed to attract members and guests from all areas in the Chapter, and many from outside the Chapter area including class attendees, and profession related vendors.

A quarterly newsletter, “The Journal”. The Journal keeps you up to date on information about executive committee meetings, the most recent and upcoming membership meetings, educational programs and news, committee reports, Chapter programs, and other articles relating to the IAAO and the appraisal industry.

Participation in quality public relations programs that provide aide and/or assistance in community need projects,. or increase and improve public awareness of the assessor/appraiser’s office.

Contributing to the development and promotion of your profession. By actively being involved in the Chapter activities, you’ll learn more about your profession, develop important professional relationships, and expand and strengthen your leadership skills.

Information and assistance provided by the Chapter to IAAO designation candidates including a first year exemption from paying dues if an active candidate for CAE, RES, AAS, PPS, or CMS.

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