Send automated reports from Google Sheets.

When your BOSS says " Mail That Report - today! , everyday "

Email Reports from Google Sheets

Send pro-grade email reports that stand out.

It is easy to design and quick to setup all within the familiar Google ecosystem. Sending regular beautiful reports is just clicks away.

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Quick Overview

  • Readymade Templates
  • Schedule Email
  • Updated data from external sources like MySQL
  • Easy to use report designer (Google Sheets)
  • Beautiful email Reports for mobile and web

Readymade Templates

In a hurry? Use the pre-built templates, meticulously crafted by our designers. Give your emails a pro look and feel - sure to stand out and awe your customers with beauty and design


Updated data from external sources like MySQL

No need to copy paste data again and again anymore! With inbuilt data connectors, you can connect to external sources like MySQL. Connect to Marketing, Social media, sales databases and send reports with realtime data automatically.


Schedule Emails

Sending the same emails every now and then? Automate your reports and see them fly by the time you set.


Report Designer

Make your reports stand out by customising an existing template or creating a new one from scratch. Within Google Sheets you can add charts, formulas, data-tables, etc to make the reports dynamic. Customise your logo, colours and make the email report speak your brand.


Use Cases

Sales Reports

Create sales reports to track daily or weekly sales achievements, by connecting with the sales database directly. Compare them by past dates, targets, top sales-agents, region, stores, category, product, etc.

Product Analytics

Keep track of your product milestones, new customer signups, attrition, payments, usage statistics everyday. Apart from the email report reports, get realtime information by monitoring the Google Sheets dashboard.

Google Sheets

Maintaining a custom Google Sheets spreadsheet for your workflow? Share the data from Google Sheets in email with important people as beautifully crafted reports automatically.

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Try for free. Takes 3 seconds to install (coming soon)


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