Work with bulk emails within Google sheets

SheetMail to your rescue - When you go mad keeping up with the fast pace of emails

Convert Gmail to Google sheets

Spend less time scrolling through multiple search results in Gmail,. Do more with your email within the comfort of the familiar excel environment in Google Sheets. Using SheetMail you can track and manage your email based activities with ease. You can open attachments, view email subject, sender, content, sent time, etc all within a spreadsheet in Google Sheets. Have a particular email workflow that you do everyday? automate it by scheduling.

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Simplify your Gmail workflow

SheetMail can transform your email inbox into an easily manageable list in google sheets. Stop browsing through countless emails in gmail. You don’t have to keep searching for the right email or attachment. You can now save time and work more productively using SheetMail. Get rid of mundane and time consuming manual tasks within gmail.

Smart Filters

Depending on your how you regularly work, you can create smart filters and feed the emails into an excel sheet. The smart filters can be configured to pull only certain type of emails and attachments. You can even schedule these, so that the excel sheet is updated automatically. All your attachments are automatically saved in your Google Drive for backup.


HR Services

Once your receive resumes in Gmail shortlist candidates, review resumes (pdf, docx, etc), track candidate status, mark interview feedback all without leaving your Google sheets. Use excel formulas to automatically score candidates. For example you can count the number of characters in the body of the email to dismiss non serious candidates if the count is less than 20.

Invoice Management

Get all your vendor invoices organised properly in an excel sheet in google sheets. Mark payment status, receivables status, review invoice pdf, etc within google sheets. Use scheduler to automatically add new invoices that come your way via gmail to a spreadsheet in google sheets. Don't lose important invoices inside the Gmail pile again.

Bills Management

Get all your Amazon, Uber, Walmart, retail invoices and bills organised in Google sheets. Keep track of your purchases and get on top of your expenses. When you receive the next credit card bill, bank statement, invoice, bill get them automatically added to your spreadsheet in google sheets. Keep your invoices handy when you need them.

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