Technical Report

Distributed Kinetic Delaunay Triangulation

Taewon Yoo, Hyonik Lee, Jinwon Lee, Sunghee Choi, and Junehwa Song

KAIST Technical Report Number CS-TR-2005-240, 2005

Blocked randomized incremental constructions

Nina Amenta and Sunghee Choi

UT Technical Report Number TR-02-54, 2002

Finding alpha-helices in skeletons

Nina Amenta, Sunghee Choi, Maria E. Jump, Ravi Krishna Kolluri and Thomas Wahl

UT Technical Report Number TR-02-27, 2002

One-Pass Delaunay filtering for homeomorphic 3D surface reconstruction

Nina Amenta and Sunghee Choi

UT Technical Report Number TR99-08, 1999

Book Chapter

Ch 7 Voronoi methods for 3D medial axis approximation

Nina Amenta and Sunghee Choi

Medial Representations: Mathematics, Algorithms and Applications, Edited by Siddiqi and Pizer, 2008, Springer, ISBN: 978-1-4020-8657-1

Thesis / Dissertation

Beat Tracking from Conducting Data with Musical Pieces (link)

Hyeonguk Ryu

MS Thesis, KAIST, 2019

Difference expansion based reversible watermarking for 3D mesh models (link)

Hangyul Park

MS Thesis, KAIST, 2018

Many-to-Many matching with capacity using lexicographic preference (link)

Sehyun Joo

MS Thesis, KAIST, 2018

Attention-based image classification using semantic segmentation and convolutional neural network (link)

Heewon Chung

MS Thesis, KAIST, 2017

Efficient algorithms with performance guarantees for geometric problems in wireless networks (link)

Donghoon Shin

Ph. D. Dissertation, KAIST, 2016

Object relationship network model for image collections (link)

Dodam Kim

MS Thesis, KAIST, 2016

Generation of three-dimensional typography for multiple texts (link)

Suzi Kim

MS Thesis, KAIST, 2016

Automated laughter detection on a mobile platform (link)

Ju Yeon Park

MS thesis, KAIST, 2015

I/O-Efficient minimizing range sum (link)

Eun-Seok Kim

MS thesis, KAIST, 2014

Dynamic popular matchings with two-sided preference lists (link)

Jeongho Son

MS thesis, KAIST, 2013

Multi-resolution simulation and automated fitting for virtual garments (link)

Yong-Joon Lee

Ph. D. Dissertation, KAIST, 2012

Path problems in wireless sensor networks (link)

Chunseok Lee

Ph. D. Dissertation, KAIST, 2012

Medial axis point approximation and applications (link)

Jae-Hwan Ma

Ph. D. Dissertation, KAIST, 2012

Smartphone interface based on image processing (link)

Jong-Won Han

MS thesis, KAIST, 2012

An optimal placement of an additional sensor for path coverage in wireless sensor networks (link)

Donghoon Shin

MS thesis, KAIST, 2009

Homotopy-preserving power shape simplification (link)

Ji-Hye Kim

MS thesis, KAIST, 2007

Decimating a large sample with geometric property (link)

Hyoungjin Yang

MS thesis, KAIST, 2007

Geometric analysis and prediction systems for protein domain interacting interfaces (link)

Chang-Bum Park

MS thesis, KAIST, 2006

Distributed kinetic delaunay triangulation (link)

Tae-Won Yoo

MS thesis, KAIST, 2006