CS300 Introduction to Algorithms

This course introduces the basic concepts of design and analysis of computer algorithms: the basic principles and techniques of computational complexity (worst-case and average behavior, space usage, and lower bounds on the complexity of a problem), and algorithms for fundamental problems. It also introduces the areas of NP-completeness and parallel algorithms.

2020 Fall / 2020 Spring / 2019 Fall / 2019 Spring / 2018 Spring / 2017 Fall / 2016 Fall / 2016 Spring / 2015 Fall / 2014 Fall / 2014 Spring / 2013 Fall / 2012 Fall / 2011 Spring / 2010 Spring / 2009 Spring / 2006 Fall / 2005 Fall / 2005 Spring

CS204 Discrete Mathematics

This course covers mathematical concepts that are frequently employed in computer science: logic, proof, sets, functions, matrices, sequences, recursion, probability, and relations.

2015 Spring / 2014 Fall

CS504 Computational Geometry

Computational geometry studies algorithms and data structures for geometric problems. In this course, we will study basic tools and fundamental algorithms/data structures of computational geometry so that students may be equipped with enough background to apply them in their work or to begin research in this area.

2017 Spring / 2015 Spring / 2013 Spring / 2010 Fall / 2008 Fall / 2004 Fall

CS500 Design and Analysis of Algorithm

This course covers the principles and techniques used in the design and analysis of algorithms.

2009 Spring / 2004 Spring

CS492 Special Topics in Computer Science <Geometric Computing>

This course covers various research topics in geometric computing. In particular, we will study curve & surface reconstruction, mesh generation, Delaunay triangulation & Voronoi diagram and their applications, etc. Topics may vary according to the interests of students. Every student has to present research papers and required to read papers that is presented in class beforehand and participate in a discussion.

2011 Fall