Selecting a K-12 CS Curriculum

"Computer Science is completely foundational for any job"

Hadi Partovi, Founder of (Tedx, 2014)

Introduction: There are over 500,000 computing jobs available although fewer than 15% of graduates from US colleges have an information services or computer science degree (Kessler, 2017). Computer science education for every student can provide the essential skills and knowledge critical for our future success (Nelson, Sahami, & Wilson, 2016).


  1. Select the grade band using the links in the navigation bar.
  2. Watch the introductory video.
  3. Complete the linked hands-on CODING activity to gain first-hand experience for the type of learning experience students will engage in.
  4. Review and select a K-2, 3-5, 6-8, or high school curricular resource to bring Computer Science to your school or district:
    • K - 8th Grade: Curricular resources have been divided into two categories: sequential or integrated / grade band. The resources listed under sequential have unique, scaffolded lessons and activities structured to be implemented in a formal CS scheduled special once or twice a week or over a 5-6 week block at each grade level. Resources listed under integrated / grade band provide lessons and activities to introduce CS topics during a select grade over three grades when there is not enough time in the school scheduled to implement a grade-by-grade class or in an integrated fashion in the other core content areas.
    • High School: As of January, 2018 all NJ high schools other than vocational school districts must offer a CS course (see legislation). Your first decision will be to select the programming language of either Python / Java or Swift as this will direct you to corresponding curricular choice. Once you've made your selection, decide if you plan to offer a structured three or four-course sequence or electives and select a CS curricular resource or resources.


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