Read on for why each demand is important Dannielle, JB's case, and the future of students in crisis.

Demand #1: Open an independent investigation into the death of JB

A Pittsburgh Police and Duquesne University investigation have not yielded the information that Dannielle Brown seeks about the death of her son. It is imperative that Duquesne allow an independent third party investigator to reexamine the evidence and witnesses in the case. Anything less is a travesty of justice.

Demand #2: Equip Duquesne University Police with body cameras

No body camera footage exists of the incident because Duquesne Police were not wearing them at the time of JB's death. Especially in the current climate surrounding policing, it is common sense that all Duquesne Police should be equipped with body cameras going forward.

Demand #3: Train all Duquesne University Police to handle mental health crises

JB was seen acting erratically in the time before his death. His actions were those of a student in a mental health crisis. Duquesne Police should receive specific training to handle mental health crises among the student body to make sure future students are not confronted with officers who do not know how to handle a mental health crisis.