Frequently Asked Questions

How did the persons of interest and Shawn know each other? What was Shawn's living situation?

This can be confusing but the short answer is Shawn lived in the basement portion of Armand's apartment. Armand sublet the basement portion to Shawn for $675, over 75% of Armand's total rent. The apartment had a back door entrance that led to the stairwell to Shawn's apartment. All parties would typically enter and exit from this back door. Shawn would have to use the upstairs bathroom for the shower and Armand had to use the downstairs for the laundry room so movement between the apartments wasn't uncommon. For a web of people in Shawn's life, see below.

What is the status of the investigation?

According to Cranston Police, this 'case' is classified as a medical emergency and NOT a homicide due to the medical examiner's findings. However, they consider this to be an 'open case' and will further investigate if new information comes to light. At this point, there is no 'active' investigation happening.

Were there drugs in his system?

According to the autopsy report, Shawn had cocaine, barbituates, and opiates. The barbituates and opiates can be contributed to the treatment received at the hospital. 

Tell me about the medical findings.

Shawn was found with a large skull fracture on the right side of his head. According to the autopsy report, in layman's terms, Shawn had hemorraghing (a brain bleed), hematomas (clotted blood), contusions (bruises) across the left side of his brain and the frontal lobe, and superficial injuries to his face, knuckles, and chest. 

Was any DNA tested?

Some DNA was tested. According to reports obtained in 2022, Cranston Police tested about 10 items that contained blood evidence. All of those items can be traced to Shawn. The remainder of the items were not tested. We are currently pursuing this.

What about the reward?

We are offering a $2,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest in this case.  

Independent Forensic Pathology Report

Dr. Shiping Bao, June 23, 2022

Cause of death: skull fracture with intracranial hemorrhage dur to strike by another person

Manner of death: Homicide

How didn't anyone see what we saw?

First responders arrived to the scene at 145 Pleasant Street on July 22, 2006. They had been called for a medical incident - reports of a man having a seizure. Shawn was found lying on the floor in his boxers. There was significant blood pooling under his head. 

EMTs note the odd placement of Shawn's body in the apartment. A police officer enters the apartment and notes the scene to be 'neat and orderly' with no 'visible injuries'. RI Hospital noted marks, scratches, bruising, and a significant skull fracture. Surgery is performed, treatments administered, and his family waited for him to wake up. 

Shawn's family called the Cranston Police to return to the scene multiple times. When Shawn ultimately passed and family members entered his apartment to collect his things, they were shocked at the scene.

There was blood on everything. The mattress, carpet, stairwell, pillows, blankets, dining room chair, doors, and clothes were all blood stained. Items in the bedroom were positioned to cover pools of blood. The kitchenette had been cleaned out, dishes stacked neatly beside the sink. 

The scene confirmed what we all believed to be true. Shawn's injuries, and his death, were not the result of a seizure. Someone had done this to him. 

When police finally sealed the scene on July 27, 2006 it was too late. Despite removing hundreds of pieces of 'evidence', nothing of note was ever recovered. 

Persons of interest 

Lynn HallalAt apartment at time of the incident

Armand Rouleau

At apartment at time of the incident