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Just Growth, in collaboration with Climate Interactive, hosts the Just Growth Circle (JGC), a network of diverse businesses, politicians, non-profits, academics, and community members committed to furthering equitable development in the South. The JGC is a community of learning, practice and innovation, open to all. We come together with our members on the second Friday of every other month to support each other in building our connections, capacity and courage to realize the transition towards equitable development in the Atlanta region. The Just Growth Circle upholds the belief that the future of our communities depends upon our ability to provide equitable growth for all.

Shared Values

In 2016, initial members of the Circle set out to establish a set of Shared Values for the collective work of the Circle, building on PSE’s Principles of Shared Prosperity. These values further evolved in 2019 to the following:

Anticipate + Protect Against Displacement

Partner with others to manage the impacts of increased surrounding property values on vulnerable neighbors.

Respect Communities

Value community leaders as critical partners, inviting meaningful participation, leadership and input during all phases of the project.

Strengthen Communities

Improve the quality of life for current residents as well as the overall wellness of the surrounding communities.

Heal Environmental Injustice

Prioritize investment in communities that have felt the cost and burden of poor infrastructure in the past.

2021 Democratizing Development Fund

Applications are now live for the 2021 Democratizing Development Fund! The Fund Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions are available in the attached Google Folder. The deadline to be considered for this grant is March 5, 2021.

Please reach out to Anna O'Driscoll (annaodriscoll@psequity.org) with any questions.

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