Just Growth is a powerful community engagement platform for residents of all races, incomes, and backgrounds to influence decision-making within development projects that impact them (e.g. housing, greenspace, water, transportation).

Through its Just Growth Portfolio, PSE is working to transform the way that development happens in the American South.

Data shows that past disparities in the development of our built environment have resulted in Two Atlantas - one flourishing amidst a gold rush of opportunity, spurred by decades of quality-of-life investments; and one left behind through disinvestment, whose progress has been obstructed by policies of structural and institutional racism such as redlining and subprime lending. Our worlds are segregated by design, and we assert that change begins with learning about this past and current legacy.

We believe that "business as usual" in the development of our built environment will continue to calcify these divides, leaving more generations of communities of color and low wealth locked into a future of few opportunities, transplanted in new farther-flung locations as they are displaced by the engines of traditional growth roaring towards their communities.

What We Do - Equity Centered Development

Connections, Capacity, and Courage

We believe that in the process of making investments in our communities, moments of opportunity present themselves for different outcomes, and that when residents, advocates and practitioners are armed with the right connections, capacity and courage in those moments, we can see our Principles realized.

Accelerating the development of connections, capacity and courage is the core of our Just Growth Portfolio, organized into 4 key areas of work to support sustainable, self-sufficient communities and diverse participation in land-use, infrastructure investment and decision making in ways that benefit everyone.

Principles of Shared Prosperity

PSE’s Principles of Shared Prosperity set the tone for a different, more equitable future - where residents can participate in and prosper from decisions that shape the places they live.

  1. Development must happen with people, not to people;

  2. Public and private investments should produce outcomes for “people, planet & profit;”

  3. Equitable growth is the superior growth model; and

  4. Building capacity can enable communities to lead and own change efforts.

While these principles are the foundation for PSE’s work across all of its portfolios, they are particularly resonant for the Just Growth Portfolio.


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