Equitable Transit Oriented Development

PSE serves as the Racial Equity Champion for the TransFormation Alliance (TFA), a broad partnership of organizations from the private, public and nonprofit sectors dedicated to creating thriving, mixed-income communities anchored by transit and linked to all the opportunities and amenities that make Atlanta great. Part of PSE’s work as the Racial Equity Champion has been to develop and execute the TFA Academy, a resident-focused training program, primarily serving communities in southwest Atlanta.

Transformation Academy

The TransFormation Academy gives residents the tools to become leaders in the revitalization and transit planning of their community. The Academy is five sessions long; each a mixture of lecture, group discussion, hands-on engagement, and take-home activities based on the following topics:

  • A People’s History of Planning in Metropolitan Atlanta
  • Equitable Transit-Oriented Development
  • Arts and Culture Equity
  • Mobility, Job Access, and Affordable Housing
  • Climate Justice and Health Equity
  • Development Planning and Players
  • Claiming Power to Influence Growth and Development

By participating in the Academy, residents gain an increased understanding of equitable transit-oriented development, the planning process, key roles in development, and how to make a difference in their community.

We also offer a Youth Summer Camp edition for young people ages 13-17.