Jungmin Lee

Professor, Economics, Seoul National University

President 2022-2023, Asian and Australasian Society of Labor Economics

Research Fellow, IZA

Fields of Specialization: Labor Economics, Applied Micro

Selected Publications:

Stressed Out on Four Continents: Time Crunch or Yuppie Kvetch? (with Daniel Hamermesh). Review of Economics and Statistics. 2007.

Aggregate Impacts of a Gift of Time (with Daiji Kawaguchi and Daniel Hamermesh). American Economic Review P&P, 2012.

The Impact of A Mandatory Cooling-off Period on Divorce. Journal of Law & Economics, 2013.

Inspection Technology, Detection and Compliance: Evidence from Florida Restaurant Inspection (with Ginger Jin). RAND Journal of Economics. 2014.

Can Working Hour Reduction Save Workers? (with Yong-Kwan Lee). Labour Economics, 2016.

Who is Sitting Next to You? Peer Effects inside the Classroom (with Sok Chul Hong). Quantitative Economics, 2017.

A Tale of Repetition: Lessons from Florida Restaurant Inspections (with Ginger Jin). Journal of Law & Economics, 2018.

Can Employment Subsidies Save Jobs? (with Hyejin Kim). Labour Economics, 2019.