Julianne Vega

I am currently an assistant professor at Kennesaw State University. I graduated from University of Kentucky with a doctorate in Mathematics and a graduate certificate in Instructional Coaching. Prior to studying mathematics, I taught grades six through eight at a progressive independent school in Alexandria, VA.

Outside of mathematics and education, my passions lie in art and nature. I particularly enjoy drawing, watercolor, and sculpture. Recently, I have been recently learning how to make a stained glass window.

Teaching Philosophy

My goal as an educator and mathematician is to empower my students to view themselves as leaders of community. I achieve this by creating a safe classroom environment that encourages intellectual risk taking, maintaining a constructive teaching stance, and by structuring my student-driven lessons around active learning. I invite you to read my teaching statement and diversity statement for further insight into my classroom.

Research Statement

My research interests lie in topological and geometric combinatorics. I am interested in learning about properties of graphs through analyzing the topology of corresponding simplicial complexes and studying polytopes arising from combinatorial objects .

Curriculum Vitae