My Approach

My Approach

I am a compassionate, dedicated, and attentive professional, committed to helping my clients reach their highest potential for success. My style is collaborative, flexible, and objective, and I give my clients the time, space, and nonjudgmental environment they need to raise concerns, grow, and excel. Additionally, I work from a combined Integrative theoretical orientation in order to accommodate the unique needs and various communication, learning, behavioral, and working styles of my clients.

My Structure

I work together with clients using a phase-by-phase approach that makes our coaching or consulting work as comfortable, practical, and results-driven as possible.


In phase 1, clients share their story, describing what challenges or issues have made them seek out help in full detail. Then, we identify what is specifically bothering them or what they would like changed about those particular circumstances. After that, we make note of any hopes, dreams, potential, or goals that are being hindered, stopped, or obstructed by these bothersome issues. Once we know which issues are present and how those issues effect the client and those around them, we create customized goals and a plan for change.


In the second phase, we dig deeper to discover and understand any underlying or internal blocks that may be contributing to, or maintaining, the troubling or challenging circumstances. Whether issues arise from organizational structure, management practices, communication styles, or employee relations issues, our own thoughts, moods, feelings, behaviors, patterns, and communications (or, our reactions to the thoughts, moods, feelings, behaviors, patterns, and communications of others) are often behind the parts that drive our distress. Once we understand any internal blocks and distress those may cause, we move forward to Phase 3.


By the third phase, goals have been set, insight about perpetuating patterns has been gained, and clients have become aware of what changes need to occur to achieve results. Thus, the hardest work begins--the actual change. In this practical phase, clients move back and forth between the coaching sessions and the outside world, practicing new behaviors, interventions, and communications based on issues we targeted during the second phase. As they practice, they bring their outside experiences back into our sessions for processing and feedback. As clients share, I act as a mirror, reflecting their experience back to them in an objective and neutral way. This is done so that they are able to see their progress, or lack of progress, from a nonjudgmental, neutral perspective. Further, they share how their practice is unfolding so that if forward steps are made, they can allow themselves a sense of accomplishment and success, and if backward steps are made, they are able to experience those without feeling shame, inadequacy, judgment, or failure. Any relapses into old patterns of behavior, mistakes, or missteps are taken only as learning opportunities and areas for further practice. Throughout this time, I also provide a safe space for clients to express any fears, doubts, questions, or concerns about their progress or the process in general (which are quite normal in the ups and downs of practicing real change).


Finally, when the client and I mutually agree that their goals have been reached, the fourth phase begins. We spend this time looking back on the client's successes, setbacks, insights gained, coping skills obtained, solutions found, and goals achieved. We review what we did, how we did it, and how the client can maintain this progress in the future (including playing out scenarios to prepare for potential relapse into old behavior or future struggle). This review process solidifies the client's learning, bolsters their sense of confidence, and highlights their ability to self-manage and create change. They are able to see direct evidence and results of their own hard work, and have proven to themselves that they are capable of producing the workplace, culture, family, or life they desire--in the present and the future. This is the secret to continued success.