Judy will be living and working in the Rafiki Training Village where there are over 100 orphans lovingly being raised and educated. Judy will engage with these young people in their Art courses, instilling a spirit of creativity, inspiring confidence in using art materials and engaging in conversations that will encourage life long love and appreciation of their God given creative gifts.


Judy will be training the teachers in the area to teach them how to provide relevant and high quality art instruction. Teachers learn how to harness their own creativity and provide their students with experiences that will enhance their core learning. This is really Judy's passion. While teaching the teachers, Judy will have the opportunity to develop mentor relationships with the young women and spend time nurturing strong relationships. Judy will be able to pray and worship with them daily and help guide them in their profession and spiritual life.


There is a great opportunity for Judy to help support the local churches in creating programs for widows who are often neglected in regular church programing.

Judy will visit widows in their neighborhoods, working with them to help them develop skills and products they can sell at the market. Often, these are the only opportunities they will have to earn income.