Japan Student Chapter Meeting 2018

September 4 - 5th. 2018 in Osaka

Dear participants, you have to bring receipts of your tickets for reimbursement and should also bring your laptop and student chapter flag for a workshop and group-photo.


  • Conference Venues are changed, go to the page "Venue"
  • Typhoon is coming unfortunately, but we are going to hold the conference. Please check this website frequently, we will update if the schedule changes.
  • We are getting ready to JSCM 2018 !!!
  • We described important information in the page of "For participants ". You have to check it before coming Osaka.
  • Information about invited speakers was update. Go to the "Invited Speaker" (08/17/2018)
  • Information about hotel was uploaded in the page of "Travel Support". (08/03/2018)

Everybody, have a safe trip! We are ready for JSCM!!

Welcome to the official website of the Japan Student Chapter (JSC) Meeting 2018.

JSC Meeting is a network-meeting organized by student chapters in Osaka University, OSA, SPIE, and JSAP student chapter. Nowadays, many student chapters have been established in many countries, and have actively done a lot of activities, such as student-organized conference, outreach, large collaborative events.

However, What about Japan ??? — Now, there are much less student chapters in Japan than US. China, and other countries, and most of student chapters in Japan are actually regarded as non-active chapters. We believe that making student network among ALL student chapters in Japan is the best way to improve our student chapters, which is why we are going to hold the student meeting to give all chapter’s members the opportunity to take the best advantages of student chapter, which are networking and professional development.

We expect this meeting will be the first step for all student chapters in Japan to become active student chapters comparable to other chapters in the world.


  • Build up student networks among student chapter members
  • Deepen understanding of student chapter and its benefits
  • Connect with students studying in the field of optics and photonics

Program highlight

  • Group work and discussion regarding student chapter
  • Invited lectures
  • Research poster presentation
  • Banquet with all participants.


  • Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP)
  • The Optical Society of America (OSA)
  • The International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE)