Joseph W. Windsor, Linguistics & Global Health

Research Interests

  • Theoretical Phonology (Prosodic Phonology)
  • The Phonology-Syntax Interface (Match Theory)
  • Theoretical Syntax (Nominal Syntax and Parallelism)
  • Sociolinguistics (Language Revitalization, Language Policy, and Planning in Celtic and Indigenous contexts)
  • Knowledge translation (Global health, epidemiology, and chronic inflammatory diseases)

Joseph W. Windsor, PhD, University of Calgary

About me

I completed my PhD in theoretical linguistics in 2017 with a dissertation entitled From Phonology to Syntax--and Back Again: Hierarchical Structure in Irish and Blackfoot supervised by Darin Flynn and Elizabeth Ritter. The focus of that research was investigating measurable phonetic correlates of hierarchical structures in both the phonological and syntactic components, and how the grammatical components related to each other.

I am a postdoctoral associate in an epidemiology lab in Global Health (University of Calgary, Cumming School of Medicine), where I assist the team in epidemiological research and specialize in knowledge translation: Taking what is learned in the studies we perform and packaging it as accessible publications for a popular audience without "watering down" the content.

Many of my hobbies outside of my research also focus on linguistics: I am an avid conlanger, using my knowledge of theoretical linguistics to construct languages for humanoid races in fantasy settings (eg. Dungeons and Dragons). Aside from inventing my own conlangs, I also frequently work with the constructed language, Klingon (tlhIngan Hol) from the Star Trek franchise, using it as a medium to engage non-specialist audiences in linguistics, providing information on what linguistics is. Some of my conlang work can be seen in the Conlang section.

Aside from my love of language, I am also a professional photographer (2pts photography). Although most of my photography does not concern language or linguistics, those themes do sneak into the occasional photo, as can be seen in some of the photos here.


Postdoctoral Associate

Cumming School of Medicine

University of Calgary

HSC 1745

3330 Hospital Drive NW

Calgary, AB

T2N 4N1

email: jwwindso <at> ucalgary <dot> ca


Language Creation Society

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