Let's find your voice!

Build confidence with vocal mastery, artistry, and intent to achieve a powerful performance.

I am passionate about teaching you to utilize your voice across multiple genres while also focusing on grounded acting through song.

Voice lessons are available at the following locations:

Summer Singing Special!

There are lesson options for every level and every budget.

Schedule flexibility to work with your summer plans and trips. 

Personalized lessons to meet your singing, acting, auditioning, voice over, movement/body awareness, or overall performance goals. 

Prices starting at $250 for weekly lessons or $130 for bi-weekly lessons.

Lehi & Holladay


Having grown up in financially challenging circumstances myself, I understand the frustration and disappointment of not being able to pursue one's passion due to financial constraints. My own experiences have fueled a deep empathy for those in similar situations, and I want to ensure that no dedicated student faces the same obstacles I did. I believe that every passionate and motivated student should have the resources to reach their goals!