Who is she?

I was born and raised in Salt Lake and Utah County. I graduated from Southern Utah University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre Performance where I had countless opportunities to perform, create, direct, and collaborate on the SUU main stage, Second Studio Student Company, Off the Cuff Comedy, The Grieg Projects, Simon Fest, Theatre Row in NYC, and the acclaimed Utah Shakespeare Festival.

My singing journey took a sharp turn in January of 2019 when I unexpectedly lost the hearing in my right ear from SSHL (sudden sensorineural hearing loss). In the blink of an eye, it seemed that everything that I had been working towards was fading away. For months I struggled to trust my mind and body as they pushed towards giving up. However, the thought of never performing again was devastating enough to drive me back into the studio with the incredible Mindy Pack to re-train my body, mind, and voice to work together again. 

In 2021, as I found my way back to the stage, I was approached numerous times about teaching voice lessons; enough so that I became a BAST trained singing teacher. Since then I have found so much joy in helping my students to understand their tools and talents, build confidence, and continually stretch and challenge them to achieve their individual singing and performance goals. My students range from age 7-77, beginner to advanced, and from all different walks of life. My students sing numerous different genres of music, but I specialize in Musical Theatre and acting. I find so much fulfillment in helping you to craft your audition, master a role, or realize you are capable of singing the song you didn't realize you could. Remember, the best progress is made with one foot out of the comfort zone. Are you ready to start?

Film & TV representation through Urban Talent Management