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Falcó-Gimeno, A., Muñoz, J., & Pannico, R. - Voters rally around the incumbent in the aftermath of terrorist attacks: Evidence from multiple unexpected events during surveys

Amat, F., Arenas, A., Falcó-Gimeno, A., & Muñoz, J. - Pandemics meet democracy. Experimental evidence from the COVID-19 crisis in Spain. SocArXiv papers, 6, 1-31.

Muñoz, J., Falcó-Gimeno, A., Guinjoan, M., Rodon, T. Amat, F.  The Loser’s Consent in Polarized Times: Experimental Evidence


From national catholicism to democratic patriotism? An empirical analysis of contemporany Spanish national identity (UPF, 2009) 

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