Lu's Studio

2022-23 All-Region / All- State results

19 winners from the Studio

Concerts in the Library

2022 Collaboration Program with John and Judy Gay Public Library

2022 Spring Recital, 05/07/22

2021 Winter Recital, 12/18/21

2021-22 All-Region / All- State results

14 winners from the Studio

2021 Summer Recital, 08/07/21

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Anastasia Chu also made private school All-State Orchestra!

Congratulations to Emily Si (upcoming 7th grader, 5 years on violin) has been accepted to the most advanced orchestral ensemble in GDYO.

All-Region Orchestra Winners 2018-19

Sophie Yang

[Region 24, MS, Concert Orchestra, Viola 4]


[Region 24, MS, Concert Orchestra, Viola 16]


[Region 24, MS, Concert Orchestra, Violin 25]


[Region 2, MS, Chamber Orchestra, Viola 4]


[Region2, MS, Chamber Orchestra, Violin 8]


[Region2, MS, Concert Orchestra, Violin 12]


[Region 2, MS, Concert Orchestra, Viola 8]


[Region 2, HS Philharmonic Orchestra, Violin 8]

2019 Student Recital

March 23rd and 30th, Plano

2018 Spring Student Recital

March 31st, Plano