Copywriting is one part translation, one part user experience. See some of my latest and who knows? Maybe we can work together.


I've spent the last 7 years as a social media writer for Hill's Pet Nutrition, working to evolve their voice and better connect with their target markets of pet parents, veterinarians and shelter partners.

Hey, if you're going to look at cat videos online, might as well get paid for it, right?


My freelance work is mainly centered around small businesses looking to improve their on-page SEO.


Mother's Day Social

With a limited budget and time, we recruited our beloved office cats and dogs as our Mother’s Day spokespets.

The humble little video cleared 13.5 million views and was shared 330K times, earning a spot in Ad Age’s Top Ten Viral Videos for the week of May 18, 2016.

When there is some room in the budget, animation is always a fun way to go. This radio spot was well received from farmers who heard it in the combine.


The only print I've worked on in the past few years has been geared towards veterinarians, point-of-purchase, and conferences. Still, the team works hard to make every piece engaging. I've included some other print pieces from my agriculture days.

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Pocket Sitcom gives you the personal laugh track and canned applause you always wanted, plus the little extras you need to bring the early 90's teen comedy to your everyday activities... and it all fits right into the pocket of your Zumbaz.

This humble little app had its moment in the sun when it was featured on Parks and Rec, but it still remains the highest rated app for single-task nonsense on the app store.