Selected Works

Fusing of Terrestrial and Airborne LiDAR for Environmental Monitoring

Mission Planning for Dawson Los Monos Canyon Reserve Canopy LiDAR

Photographs of Mission Participants

Proxy War: Consequences of the Secret War in Laos 

Prioritization of Explosive Ordnance Non-Technical Surveys Using Open-Source Data in Chernihivska Hromada, Ukraine

Determination of Optimal Flight Times for Aerial Thermographic Search of Landmines

Mapping for a Hypothetical Technical Survey according to the International Mine Action Standards (IMAS)

Analyzing Spectral Profiles From a Landsat 8 Image

Image Resolution of MODIS, Landsat 8, PlanetScope, and NAIP Remotely Senses Images

Optimizing Organic Waste Diversion Using a Vehicle Routing Model

Calculating Acres And Elevation of Snow Within Each of the Seven Mt. Shasta Watersheds 

Location Allocation Network Analysis for Optimizing Fire Station Locations

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