How to join

All Enlightened players in Tokyo!

Why don’t you come to join Enlightened Tokyo community? This community may support you to play Ingress and have fun together!

Weclome the active player in Tokyo area including capital and connecting area to Tokyo.

Also, we welcome the players who co-operate with players in Tokyo and come to Tokyo.

[Can I join to this community with Google+ Page account?]

We don’t prefer to join to Enlightened Tokyo Community due to some regulation, like not to use Hang Out (chat tool). We recommend you to join with your personal Google account.

We have 6 steps to join to this community.

(1) Change your G+ notification

Set “anyone” in the setting of “Who can send you notifications?” with the below link.

If you use G+ on mobile on Android:

Settings>Account settings(choose your account)>Notifications>Who can notify me>choose "Public"

*For iOS users:

Please manage settings on Laptop/mobile PCs.

This allows a community moderator to contact you. You can reset the setting after joining to the community.

(2) Prepare several your personal information as an Ingress Enlightened Agent

Please prepare the portal URL where you play usually in order to recognize you as an Enlightened player.


*The portal URL can be provided to select the portal and click “link” button in Intelmap. (How to get the portal link)

We prefer multiple URLs to confirm you smoothly, like near to your house, the station you use always, and near to your office or schools.

It makes us easier to confirm when you install mods of shields in the area where Enlighted has advantage possession during you’re lower level.

Also, it’s in option, but it makes us easier to confirm your agent profile without checkmark on “Make agent stats private” in your scanner of [OPS] > [Device].

(3) Confirm your scanner linkage to Google+ account

It’s necessary to link your Google+ account on your scanner. Of course, it’s unlinkable after you join to this community.

Please set your Google+ account, [OPS] > [Device] > [Link G+ profile]. In some cases of iOS, there are still some bugs not to link Google+ account, and please note this case in the form 2) #3 colums.

(4) Prepare e-mail address for participating into Slack.

It’s in option, but it’s neccesary to prepare an e-mail address which can be opened to the participant in order to join Slack, which is a massive chat tool. Please input your e-mail address in the form, and you can receive an invitation to join Slack.

(5) Request to join to the community.

Input your information to join to the community, and submit it.

(6) Recieve a notice from a community moderator

The community moderators try to share Google+ post with you within 72hours to invite you to this community.

The moderators will send notification with Faction COMM to you when they start the approval. The Invitation to the community or reject notice will be within 1hr.

In case we cannot confirm your join to the community in 2weeks, we may cancel this invitation.

Let’s join to the community Enlightened Tokyo!