About Enlightened Tokyo Community

Enlightened Tokyo (or, enl.tokyo. http://enl.tokyo) is a closed community of Enlightened faction of the game "Ingress", for the members who are living in Tokyo and its suburbs (Kanagawa, Saitama and Chiba area).

How to join the community

Access to the community is granted based on your application.

We will guide you through the procedures for joining the community using the Telegram chat tool.

Chat room "ENL Tokyo Waiting Room"

Information on how to join the community will be provided in the Telegram chat room above.

(You will need to install the Telegram application.

How to install Telegram  (Japanese only)

Please refer to the above link for information on how to install the Telegram app.

Once you have joined...

  • l You can communicate with active players in your neighborhood. This will allow you to better play the game.

  • l You may have a chance to meet face to face with the other members, and you can join different community to meet new players.

  • l You can cooperate with other members to gain better access to high level resonators and weapons, which you may not be able to gain alone.

  • l You can participate in local project as well as large scale operations involving several hundred Ingress players.

  • You can join official events with your mates.

  • Of course, we will welcome for those who just want to have information and not experience off line communications.

Let's communicate and exchange information.

Why don't you join our community? Once you joined, please introduce yourself and search your neighbor community. People will most likely reach out to you. Respond to them in the comment line and you will be on your way to meeting other players with similar interest.

Please refer to the following link if once you want to join.

How to join