John Talisker

I never wanted to be a writer....

Gatc'hh'en's Rite

5 out of 5 Stars on Amazon

Literary Science Fiction

Gatch’hh’en, pronounced Gatchin, is part machine part living being, and nothing like us. At least at first, he isn’t but as his Rite of Passage goes on his machine-like body becomes adapted to the biological prerogatives of life on Earth and he takes on human form and begins to learn. He learns to kill and know what it means to die - the finality of death. He comes to understand righteousness and sin. He falls in love. She dies horribly. Restraining a strong desire to extinguish all of mankind, he selects a young woman and begins the inexorable process of recreating the lover he remembers in all her exquisite detail. It backfires, horribly, and unexpectedly. He has crossed the line and knows it, and now half mad with loneliness and despair all he really wants to do is go home; but he can't, at least not yet, for it seems the woman he attempted to recreate continues to have a powerful hold over him.


4.7 out of 5 on Amazon

Literary - with elements of Magical Realism

11-year-old Heather is extraordinary. She can see through all of us. Her mother is dark vermillion, her aunt coral blue, and her uncle yellow and black like the dead cat she discovered in the ditch after the rain. Abandoned by her mother, her father killed in the war, Heather has nowhere else to go but to live with her aunt on a remote island for the summer. Her aunt lives in hallow desperation in the face of a loveless marriage, while her uncle is suggestive and likes what he sees in young Heather, and all the while Heather speaks aloud to her dead father, the moon, the sun, the stars and the river. Through Heather’s eyes, you will see the world differently. Through her aunt’s eyes, you will see an incredible child who is very, very different from us but no less beautiful for all that.