Doug Reid

Doug Reid is the author of The Glorious Between, a novel about a young woman who searches for love without remembering yesterday. He is also the author of Gatc'hh'en's Rite under the pseudonym of John Talisker, a novel about a complex and often conflicted alien mind that searches for truth and meaning in a universe where there seems to be none.

Doug spends his summers revelling in the beautiful isolation of Wolfe Island, Ontario, Canada, while overwintering in the equal paradise of Maui.

His interests encompass physics, mathematics, music, art, literature, astronomy, paleontology, anthropology, entomology, geology, even religion, but finds the human mind and heart the most interesting and the most perplexing of all. He has a Masters in Applied Physics from John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, and a degree in Applied Science from Royal Military College, in Kingston, Ontario.

He is Canadian and a proud America with English roots, some Scottish peat in his blood, and even a twist of the Irish.

He can be reached at: