I am a post-doctoral researcher at the DIW/SOEP. I earned my PhD at the chair of public economics at Freie Universität Berlin.

My main research areas are public economics, labor economics and economic inequality. My most recent work is in labor economics, wealth research, and structural modeling of life-cycle labor supply.

My research is driven by the aspiration to understand the determinants of individuals' economic circumstances and to use this knowledge to improve their lives. The labor market as well as tax and transfer policy are some of the most important drivers of individuals' welfare. Naturally, the life-cycle perspective has to be taken into account to avoid short-sighted conclusions.


New Working Paper

Find my new working paper "Fair Enough? Minimum Wage Effects on Fair Wages" co-authored with Levent Neyse and Carsten Schröder on SSRN.

New Paper

Link to my new paper "Investment Losses and Inequality" co-authored with Max Wenzel.