Online Counselling

Online Counselling via Email, Instant messaging (IMS) is similar to face to face counselling in that it gives you the opportunity to explore personal issues in confidence. It also gives you the opportunity to discuss these issues in a supportive environment where you may feel less inhibited, than if it were a face to face counselling session. Online counselling also gives you the flexibility to access confidential counselling support at a time to suit you. This type of counselling can provide support for a wide range of personal issues. However, there are occasions when online counselling would not be considered suitable. For example, where a client is at risk of seriously harming themselves. If this did apply to you, I will advise alternative forms of support that might be more suitable.

There are a wide range of personal difficulties that online counselling may be able to help with, these include depression, sexual abuse, relationship issues, low self-esteem, bereavement, anxiety, sex addiction, jealousy and many more.

Online counselling is not suitable for all issues, and I will advise you to consider another style of counselling, for example face to face, and/or via Zoom, Skype etc or another type of support which may be more suitable for you.