Junior Mathematician Research Archive

Welcome to the Junior Mathematician Research Archive (JMRA)! The goal of the JMRA was to provide a platform for junior researchers in pure mathematics to share their work with a broader audience. Our hope is to facilitate the spread of mathematical ideas and to encourage collaborations, especially from and between those at the start of their mathematical careers.  

On this site and on our associated YouTube channel, you will find short (15-30 minute) research videos from junior mathematicians. Each video in the JMRA supplements a preprint(s) or published paper(s) and serves to advertise the corresponding written work.  The videos are organized by subject and can be found under the "Videos" tab. All past videos will remain archived on our site and on our channel.

If you are an early-career mathematician (this includes graduate students at any level, as well as PhD recipients who do not yet hold a permanent or tenure-track position), we encourage you to visit the "Submit a Video" tab. We accept videos in all areas of pure mathematics, and we look forward to learning about your work! 

Monthly Schedule

The JMRA is no longer accepting new submissions.

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Organizing Committee

Shabnam Akhtari, University of Oregon (Associate Professor)

Elisa Bellah, Carnegie Mellon University (Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow)

Christy Hazel, UCLA (Postdoctoral Researcher)

Joe Webster, University of Virginia (Postdoctoral Researcher)