Madison's AJROTC program prepares students with essential life skills through classes such as first aid, communication, and leadership. The program was established in 1962 and has since supported cadets in their development as a leader by giving them numerous opportunities throughout the school year. JROTC is a character development program to aid students in their journey to adulthood by giving them the tools to gain leadership experiences and life skills.

*NOTICE: This program does not require or pressure students to serve in the military, but can provide guidance as requested by the students themselves.

Our program is dedicated to helping our San Diego community and nation. It is a truly rewarding experience for our cadets. At Madison's JROTC, we have numerous service-learning events and community service opportunities, as a result of our Project Manager Service Learning scouting events for our battalion! #theNEST

*Feel free to contact us through the Battalion Commander for our program's service!