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The Army JROTC Mission

"To Motivate Young People to Be Better Citizens"

Our Mission

"To prepare students to be 21st century global citizens by establishing a positive trajectory for success through a rigorous curriculum and a comprehensive educational experience."

The JMHS Marquee announcing that their 22-23 JROTC Program won the Honor Unit with Distinction (HUD) symbolizing that they are in the top 10% of JROTC Programs Nationwide.

Since 1962, Madison High School's Army JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) Program has supported cadets in their character development as a leader and transitioning from student life to adulthood. Some skills taught and strengthened are problem-solving, communication, and attention to detail. Our program also provides cadets with experience using the numerous opportunities provided throughout the school year such as first aid and leadership positions. 

We also have various teams within our program that enhance the experience of many cadets. Within these teams, cadets gain more knowledge and skills that improve their performance in drill, academics, and time management. JROTC is a program that provides life skills which can open doors for cadets after high school with scholarships.

*NOTICE: This program does NOT require or pressure students to serve in the military, but can provide guidance as requested by the students themselves.

As Warhawks, we are dedicated to helping our San Diego community and the greater good of our Nation in any way we can. It is a truly rewarding experience for our cadets at Madison. To make a difference in our city, we have numerous service-learning projects and community service events for our battalion. Doing this allows us to implement our skills and knowledge into the real world whilst making a difference! #theNEST

*Feel free to contact us through the Battalion Commander for our program's service!

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Members of the 22-23 JMHS JROTC Color Guard Team representing Madison by carrying the Daughters of the American Revolution Flag in the 66th Annual Massing of the Colors.