Who We Are


As ratified by the James Madison College Student Senate on April 25, 2018
We, the students of James Madison College, are an integral part of the James Madison College community and are therefore entitled to an active role in deciding its policies and priorities. In recognizing our role and accepting our responsibility of self-government within the organizational framework of the James Madison College at Michigan State University, we seek to promote intellectual, educational, and social opportunities available to this community by representing the interests and addressing the concerns of the student body; by involving students in the decision-making process pertaining to their own education and the future of the college; by safeguarding academic freedom and student rights; and thus do hereby establish the James Madison College Student Senate.

Statement of Values 

Passed by JMC Faculty and Students April 25, 2018:
As Madisonians, we affirm the necessity of compassion, conscientiousness, and curiosity in our community. We acknowledge our academic and moral responsibility to always seek to learn from one another, approaching our scholarly endeavors with respect and humility. We understand that this process can be uncomfortable, and that it often requires challenging closely held beliefs. Nevertheless, we strive to always participate in discussions in good faith, and to build a community conducive to the intellectual growth of all. 

Our Mission Statement

The James Madison College Student Senate, hereafter referred to as “the Senate,” is organized and established as the official voice of the students of James Madison College at Michigan State University.
As an elected representative body, the primary duties of the Senate shall be to provide leadership opportunities; to sponsor co- and extra-curricular activities; to provide enrichment opportunities for its constituency, and to represent all other interests of the students within James Madison College, and to advise the Dean and Faculty Assembled.
JMCSS Constitution.pdf