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2018-2019 Senate Executive Board

President: Rachel Alexander

Vice President: Natalie Smith

Secretary: David Tran

Treasurer: Walter Hanley

2018-2019 Senate Committee Chairs

Finance and Budget (FAB) Chair: Jack Kennedy

Public Relations (PR) Chair: Gabby Harvey

Academic Programming (AP) Chair: Jonathan Walkotten

University Community & Alumni Relations (UCAR) Chair: Seth Betman

Social Programming (SP) Chair: Virginia Jacobs

Community Service Network (CSN) Chair: Giani DiTrapani

2018-2019 Senate Caucus Chair

Comparative Cultures & Politics (CCP) Caucus Chair: Cassandra Tapia

International Relations (IR) Caucus Chair: James Lunga

Social Relations & Policy (SRP) Caucus Chair: Alexis Sargent

Political Theory & Constitutional Democracy (PTCD) Caucus Chair: Max Jones

Freshmen Caucus Chair: Angie Flores

Minors Caucus Chair: Sumaya Malas

Student Senate Faculty Advisors

Faculty Advisor: Max Olivero

Faculty Advisor: Sam Troutman

Wanna Talk to Us In Person?

Visit us in the James Madison College Student Senate Office

Location: South Case Hall, 3rd Floor

Office Hours: Mondays-Thursdays | 11:00am-8:00pm