Why Karate?

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Why Karate? なぜ空手か。

Karate originally developed and defined in Okinawa and Japan. It is the practice and development of blocking and striking techniques for the purpose of self defence, health and self development within a specified code of behaviour allied to particular oriental cultural practices. Movements short, sharp and linear, with blocks being used to ward off an attack, followed by counter attacks to discourage further aggression. Besides an excellent form of self defence, karate is also a thrilling competitive sport. Regular training in karate not only improves the body's physical stamina and suppleness, but also produces the mental calm and assurance that one can deal with physical confrontation.

Key benefits of karate:

Karate is not just about kicking & punching, it teaches you LIFE SKILLS..

~ Increased self control, confidence and focus

~ Excellent exercise for fitness and flexibilty

~ Avoidance of conflict through enhanced awareness

Adults and karate:

~ Ability to defend yourself; self protection

~ Health an fitness

~ Everyone can do it

~ Increased self confidence, self development and self belief

~ Enjoyable hobby; make friends

Children and karate:

Karate is without doubt one of the best means of building confidence and self esteem. The children in karate classes know that more is expected of them. With a little encouragement and support from their instructor and parents, they will rise to the challenge.

A child's school achievement often improves after a period of karate training, probably because of improved self confidence and enhanced concentration.

For one's etiquette

Children are taught from the outset that karate is to be used for defensive purposes, and are reminded never to use their fighting skills outside the dojo (training place) except in cases of extreme provocation, and only then in self defence. During the first few weeks of their training, children learn basic etiquette. Emphasis is placed in politeness, and respect for their fellow students, instructor and parents. They soon become aware that good manners consist of having consideration for others.

For one's discipline

Children react to discipline very well and once disciplined for a short period, are encouraged to develop self discipline. Concentration can be enhanced as they focus their minds on the job in hand; whether it be learning a complicated sequence movement in karate or sitting an exam at school. Many parents noticed marked improvement in their child's power of concentration once their karate training has commenced.

Karate for life

Armed with their karate skills, self control, self esteem and respect for others, these children grow up into fine young people, well equipped physically and mentally to deal with the rigours of modern life in our harsh world. These adults of tomorrow will be fine citizens and contribute much to the society in which they live and work.