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About JKSK  について 

 "It's not about being the best. It's about being better than you were yesterday"

JKSK follows the path of traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate-do with a strong Sensei Hirokazu Kanazawa 金澤 弘和 10th Dan influence. In Japanese Jishin 自信 means self belief and Kai means Group or Association. Self belief is the ethos the JKSK promotes within its group.  JKSK is a non-political group which strives to promote training in a friendly and safe environment whilst maintaining the values and discipline of traditional shotokan karate

At Jishin-Kai the class structure is mainly geared around the 3 K's of Shotokan Karate. Kihon, Kumite and Kata are all taught within the JKSK's syllabus. In addition the training with focus pads and striking shields are also an important aspect of the weekly training, together with some self protection to enhance awareness of one's surrounding. 

The Chief Instructor and founder of JKSK is Sensei Gabriel Tan who is a fully qualified Black Belt 6th Dan Senior Instructor and Examiner, certified by the National Governing Body. He is registered and cleared to teach children by the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) and hold a valid professional indemnity insurance. 

Currently JKSK has five clubs based on the border of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire ~ Stotfold, Fairfield Park, Arlesey and Shefford. 

JKSK History

Back in the 70's and among many other respectful sensei's in the UK, Sensei John Van Weenen sought karate instructions from the great Sensei Hirokazu Kanazawa (10th Dan). In 1982 Sensei Weenen formed TASK (Traditional Association of Shotokan Karate) based in Bedford. In that same year Letchworth club was opened at the Letchworth Leisure Centre. In January 1983 another club was opened at Fernhill School in Letchworth, Herts. 

The Stotfold club, together with the Welwyn Garden City club was opened in 1993 under TASK.  A year later Sensei Roy Hazelwood parted company with TASK and formed his own association - TSKAGB. He took both Welwyn and Stotfold clubs with him. 

In April 2004 Sensei Gabriel Tan took over the Stotfold club and the club is now under an exciting group ~ JKSK Karate headed by Sensei Tan.

The Shefford dojo was opened in February 2006. Both the Shefford and Stotfold clubs have grown from strength to strength and have gained very good reputation for having well disciplined karate ka.

The Arlesey dojo was opened on 2nd April 2009. Besides the junior class at earlier session the Brown and Black Belts currently train there every week.

The Fairfield Park dojo was opened on 11th September 2012 offering separate classes for both juniors and adults.

The Pendleton Sports Centre dojo was opened on 14th September 2016 at Greenacre Centre and later moved to Pendleton Sports Centre in January 2017. This is a mixed class so families, friends,  juniors and adults can train together.