Welcome to JKSK Karate

Stotfold Club (Sundays)

Day & time:   Sunday  5 – 6pm for juniors  | 6.05 to 7.05pm for junior invited Brown Belts & adults all grades | 7.05  to 8.00pm Senior Brown & Black Belts

Where: Stotfold Memorial Hall, Hallworth Drive, Stotfold, Herts  SG5 4HP

Shefford  Club (Mondays)

Day & Time: Monday  6 – 7pm for juniors all grades.

Where: STMA Shefford , 10 Hitchin Rd, Shefford SG17 5JA

Fairfield Park Club (Tuesdays)

Day & Time: Tuesday 6.20 - 7.10pm for Beginners to Purple with one White stripe 4th kyu Intermediate 

Tuesday 7.10 -  8.05 pm  for Junior only Purple Belts (5th kyu) to Black Belts

Tuesday 8.05 - 9.00pm  for  Invited Brown Belts & Black Belt

Where: Fairfield Park Community Hall, Kipling Crescent, Stotfold, Herts SG5 4GY


Pendleton Club (Wednesdays)

Day & Time: Wednesday 6.30 – 7.30pm for juniors & adults all grades.

Where: Pendleton Sports Centre,  Stotfold Road, Arlesey, Beds SG15 6XS


Arlesey Club (Thursdays)

Day & time:    Thursday 6 – 7pm for juniors all grades | 7.05 – 8.05pm Brown & Black Belts.

Where: Arlesey WI Hall, High Street, Arlesey, Beds SG15 6SN


JKSK Karate | Traditional Karate.. Traditional Values..

JKSK Karate (Jishin-Kai Shotokan Karate) are based in Stotfold, Fairfield Park, Arlesey, Shefford & Pendleton Sports Centre. See Club Details. To join us ring 07742 820956 or email us at info@jksk.co.uk

We practice traditional Shotokan Karate with a strong Sensei Hirokazu Kanazawa's influence. 

Adults and children from the age of 7 are welcome to join us. 

We offer FREE introductory lesson and family discount of 20% applied to the 3rd or more immediate family members.

We also have the support from the local lower schools providing  After School Karate Clubs at Fairfield Park Lower School, Roecroft Lower School and St Marys Academy. Minimum age for the after school clubs is 6.

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Affiliation: British Martial Arts & Boxing Association (BMABA) 

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