At J. K. Haynes, we pride ourselves on building and embracing leaders of tomorrow! We are a pillar in the North Baton Rouge community because we are one of the oldest charter schools in the city. We provide a culture of family orientation and quality education motivated by high expectations.

It is the mission of the J. K. Haynes Charter, Inc. to create a culture of high expectations that motivates our students to succeed in elementary school, high school and post-secondary education. To achieve this mission, we have goals to increase the percentage of elementary, middle and high school students who meet college- and career-readiness goals to at least 90 percent, and increase the percentage of elementary and middle school students who complete middle school in three years and percentage of high school students who complete high school in four years to 90 percent.

Thank you for your continuous support,

Diana Haynes and Kimberly K. Haynes, Esq.

Co-Executive Directors