Brain-RNA Laboratory

Our overarching research goal is to identify regulatory noncoding RNAs involved in physiological and pathological brain function.

We hypothesize that versatile noncoding RNAs account for immediate responses of neural cells to diverse inputs and modulate brain function.

2021.11Dayeon received a poster award in the KSMCB international conference. Congrats!
2021.07Dayeon received 'Young-Han Kim Global Leader Scholarship.' Congratulations!
2021.04 Insook and Mingyu join the lab as graduate students! Welcome! :)
2020.12Taehyun Kim joined the lab as an intern. Welcome! :)
2020.09Jinju was interviewd by Communications Biology as a reviewer for Peer Reviewer Week 2020 at Communications Biology. Click
2019.07Jinju is selected as a reviewer of the month in Nature Communications Biology! Click
2019.06Geurim received Young Investigator Award from Korean Society of Mitochondrial Research and Medicine. Congratulations!
2019.06Geurim received Excellent Presentation Award from Korean RNA Society in KSMCB. Congratulations!
2018. 10Hyunsu won the Global Ph.D Fellowship. Congratulations!