Jewish cemetary in Darda

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The municipality of Darda is located in Baranja in the eastern part of the Croatian plain. Baranja is a geographical and historical region divided between Hungary (northern part) and Croatia (southern part) and is part of the Pannonian Plain. Baranja is part of the Osijek-Baranja County.

People in Baranya

An average of 34 inhabitants / km live in Baranja (2011). Out of a total of 39,420 inhabitants (2011), there were 23,041 or 58.5% Croats, and 15.5% Serbs, 15.2% Hungarians and 10.8% members of other national minorities.


Baranja Wine road and Kopački rit

Dvorac Esterhazy

Church Sv. Ivana Krstitelja

Lake Đola