JES Partners In Education

We’re stronger with you.

PIE is the parent/teacher organization for Jericho Elementary School in Jericho, VT.

We exist to enhance and strengthen the educational and social environment for JES students. Together, we as parents, faculty, and staff make a difference in ways large and small.

Whatever your skill, passion, or background, we welcome YOU to join us.

Volunteers! We need you!

Join a committee or help at events: Fundraising, Social, Culture & Learning, Outdoor Experience. Give your input and vote at monthly meetings or keep an eye out for event volunteer signups.

Other ways to help?

We understand that finding time to volunteer or attend meetings may be challenging, and many parents have requested a method in which PIE can accept donations. If you prefer to provide a donation, please make checks payable to Jericho PIE. We also have a paypal account.

The best ways to contact PIE are to send an email to, contact a board member or officer or committee chair, talk to Ms Graf, ask a teacher, use the mailbox in the staff lounge, or Contact the school office.


Kevin Trout, President;

Megan Sullivan, VP

Cara Clopton, Treasurer

Gretchen Alexander, Secretary

Committee Chairs

Fundraising: Tina Witte

Social: Amy Saks-Pavese and Heidi Little;

Culture & Learning: Allaire Diamond and Lindsey Hallman

Outdoor Experience: Kathleen Bradshaw