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I am fascinated by the sea and its creatures. I am self-taught initially, but have built on with knowledge of painting through several years of teaching art in school. I create as a way to develop my own technology, but also to try out the tasks that students are expected to do. I also love nature and plants and my creations are often expressed in colorful flower beds and trimmed shrubs.

If you are interested in something on the site or if you want me to create something for you according to your wishes, do not hesitate to contact:


Upcoming exhibitions:

22-24 april 2022 - Grindstugan Jonsered, Partille

Previous exhibitions:

2018 - Konstrundan Östra Göteborg, Göteborg

2019 - Konstrundan Östra Göteborg, Göteborg

2020 - Konstrundan Östra Göteborg, Göteborg

2021 - Konstrundan i Östra Göteborg, Kulturlyckan Göteborg

Link to the event

You can aslo find me at Artportable.com