Jenny Bolander

Art and ceramics


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My name is Jenny Bolander and I am an artist from Sweden.

I am fascinated by the sea and its creatures. I am self-taught initially, but have built on with knowledge of painting through several years of teaching art in school. I create as a way to develop my own technology, but also to try out the tasks that students are expected to do. I also love nature and plants and my creations are often expressed in colorful flower beds and trimmed shrubs.

There is something enticing about the animals that live a whole life in the hidden, down in the depths below the sea surface. I have always thought that the sea can be both cleansing and scary and I like to go to the sea to collect shells and stones created by nature, in perfect symmetry.

Upcoming exhibitions:

12-14 maj 2023 - Grindstugan Jonsered, Partille

November 2023 - Konstrundan Östra Göteborg

Previous exhibitions:

2018 - Konstrundan Östra Göteborg, Göteborg

2019 - Konstrundan Östra Göteborg, Göteborg

2020 - Konstrundan Östra Göteborg, Göteborg

2021 - Konstrundan i Östra Göteborg, Göteborg

2022 - (april) Grindstugan Jonsered, Partille

- (augusti) Öppen salong, Trollhättans konsthall

- (december) Julmarknad Kompani 415, Göteborg

"My creativity right now is focused on finding shapes and expressions in ceramics. I examine glazes and appearances in everyday objects, preferably with a tone of blue. Opening an oven with glazed mugs is just as exciting every time, the ceramics and glazes always have an own will that must be taken into account in working with them. "