Associate Professor

Applied Mathematics & Statistics

Colorado School of Mines

Golden, Colorado, USA

+1 303 273 -3882

jenniferkayryan .at. gmail .dot. com

My background is in designing and developing higher-order methods for numerical partial differential equations. I investigate the underlying theory, not only to improve the method itself, but also to improve its computational efficiency. I do this by using the inherent properties of the method. The techniques that I develop can be exploited for use in imaging, data extraction, detection of discontinuous phenomenon, visualisation of fluids, and more. You can find a presentation of these techniques here.

I earned my PhD in Applied Mathematics from Brown University under the direction of Prof. Chi-Wang Shu and then became Householder Fellow at Oak Ridge National Lab. Prior to joining Mines, I spent 12 years in Europe, working in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, and Germany.