JeanJacques Mbabuike

JeanJacques Mbabuike is an expert in treating orthopedic pain. He works in and around New York City and has spent years studying hard and getting specialized training. His path has been shaped by his self-discipline, strong work ethic, and constant care for the people he meets daily. He thinks it's a privilege to have employees because it lets him be a part of a patient's healthcare journey. He likes to make people feel calm and safe while giving them the best therapy possible based on his many years of experience. Dr. Mbabuike also tries to be different and is always pushed to grow and improve his practice. As he moves up in his career, he also wants to inspire the next generation of doctors, especially Black male doctors, who are in short supply in the medical field.

In New York City, Dr. Mbabuike is a doctor. His practice focuses on managing and treating long-term pain, especially pain caused by severe arthritis. JeanJacques Mbabuike helps people with knee, shoulder, hip, and back pain with treatments that don't involve surgery. He looks at each person over time and creates custom plans based on their needs.

Dr. Mbabuike started his education at the famous accelerated combined B.S./M.D. program at The Sophie Davis School of Medicine, City College of New York (now CUNY School of Medicine). So, when I was a senior in high school, I decided to go to college and study medicine after I graduated.

The Sophie Davis Biomedical Education Program at the Cuny School of Medicine is meant to help high-achieving high school students take an accelerated course of study to make up for shortages in the medical field, especially among minority students.

To get into this program, you must pay close attention to your grades in high school, especially in your science classes in junior year, your math scores, and your ability to communicate. The program also looks at volunteers' personalities, such as how mature, kind, and driven they are. For the admissions process, you need good scores on standardized tests, a high GPA, three essays, and five letters of recommendation.

JeanJacques Mbabuike did very well in these areas, which is why he was chosen to be one of the 50 to 60 students in the program each year. With this degree, he could enter a 7-year program that combined a bachelor of science and a medical doctorate. Dr. Mbabuike got his bachelor's degree in three years at City College of New York. He then got his M.D. at the New York University Grossman School of Medicine.